Story 1

Jimin: I had another fight with my dad yesterday. I tried to show him the pros of me studying in Britechester, but no luck. He insisted there are cheaper options here, just as good.

Jimin: And it's not like I want to be a burden to him. I know how hard he works. But I've already sorted it out, I can apply for a scholarship, and I'll get as many part-time jobs as I'll need to. I know I could do it all that here too, but...

Jungkook: I know. You've always wanted to leave. For what it's worth, I don't think you should let anyone stop you. Your dad will get over it. He's not helpless without you, he's just being dramatic.

Jungkook: Who knows, maybe this will finally convince him to remarry. Doubt he wants to be alone forever considering the fits he's throwing now that you're about to leave.

Jimin: Why are you talking like I'm not coming back soon as I'm done with uni?

Jungkook: You are? But why? You've been talking my ears off about leaving since we were in middle school.

Jimin: Wait, you're telling me that all this time you thought I was gonna fuck off to Britechester never to be seen again? And you were okay with that??

Jungkook: Why wouldn't I be if that's what you want to do? Or at least, I thought you did. Why would you come back anyway? You've always said this place suffocates you.

Jimin: Yeah,'d really be okay with us never seeing each other again?

Jungkook: /eye-roll/ Don't be dramatic. Airplains exist.

Jimin: And are expensive.

Jungkook: I'll save up money.

Jimin: We would be seeing each other only a few times a year if we're lucky.

Jungkook: We can videocall.

Jimin: ...

Jungkook: Jimin, what is this about?

Jimin: I can't believe you'd just let me leave like that. Just "Bye, it was nice knowing you." I...nevermind, it's fine.

Jungkook: I wouldn't be letting you do anything. It's not my decision to make. If you're happier somewhere else, then of course you should go. If you're happier here, then you should stay. I'm simply surprised because you never talked fondly of OS, I can't imagine why you'd wanna stick around.

Jimin: Seriously?! Sometimes I can't decide if you're really that oblivious or if you truly just don't give a shit. I don't know which would be better.

Jungkook: Wait, where are you going?

Jimin: Back home. I'll go counting the days till my much-awaited departure or something. Good talk.

Jungkook: /sigh/ ...

/knock! knock!/

Jungkook: Can I come in?

Jimin: Sure.

Jungkook: Listen, I'm not sure what went wrong yesterday. I must have said something I shouldn't have.

Jimin: No, it's better that I know what you think. I'll get over it, I'm just being stupid.

Jungkook: No, Jimin. I want to understand, I don't want this to happen again.

Jimin: There's not much to understand, Jungkook. You're totally fine with me leaving for good and us never seeing each other again, whereas I'd be packing up right now or kidnapping you if the roles were reversed.

Jungkook: I...That's not fair. You know I can't leave.

Jimin: Exactly! So what does that tell you about my plans? It's not rocket science.

Jungkook: But you're not happy here.

Jimin: Because I've never been anywhere else, and I don't have the means to travel. All things I'm actively working on changing in the near future.

Jungkook: ...

Jimin: /scoff/ I swear sometimes you're just like my dad, thinking I don't know what I'm doing or what I want.

Jungkook: And you would be happy like that?

Jimin: The alternatives are unacceptable. You're here.

Jungkook: It's just... You're meant for more than this. I was excited knowing you were leaving because I don't think this entire town and everyone in it are worth even a single hair on your head.

Jimin: That's my decision to make.

Jungkook: I know.

Jimin: It hurts that you'd be okay with me leaaving for good.

Jungkook: You keep saying that. I wouldn't be okay. I just agree it would be better for you. If that's also what you want.

Jimin: It's not.

Jungkook: Okay.

Jimin: Okay.

Jungkook: ...I wouldn't be okay.

Jungkook: I would be a mess.

Jungkook: I'm happy you're coming back.


Jungkook: And just because we think and react differently, doesn't mean I care less about you than you do about me.

Jimin: Okay.

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